Edouard Salier profile picture.

Director of world-renowned music videos for Massive Attack (SplittingThe Atom 2010, and Atlas Air 2011), Air (So Light Is Her Football 2011), Metronomy (I'm Aquarius, 2013), Justice (Civilization, 2011 and Love S.O.S 2019), Édouard Salier has dedicated these last 3 years to TV Series and Fiction.

In 2018, he directed a 1st TV series for the STUDIO+ platform, Cabeza Madre; a "black humor" comedy shot in Havana set in the context of urban corruption. In the wake of this Cuban immersion, Netflix called on him for 2 major series: Mortal (season 1); a fantastic teen-drama, and The Revolution, a fantastic period series about the French revolution released in September 2020.

From these experiences emerge a strong desire for the comic genre, with the demanding and avant-garde artistic direction that characterizes his work. Back in advertising, Édouard SALIER wishes to tackle today large-scale comedy projects between humor and visual inventions.

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